Collection: 1.4g Pro Line Raccoon

PRO LINE PRODUCTS ARE PURCHASED  AT NEENAH LOCATION ONLY. CAN BE DELIVERED TO HOWARD LOCATION.   We will be getting containers of 1.4g in mid Feburary. Lots of new items. Wholesale only. All Raccoon cases range from $80.00 to $115.00. Per Case. These items sell out fast so act quick when available.

1.4g PRO 

1.4 Pro fireworks product is 1.4G product taken to the next level. This product is designed for “Professional Use” only and is mainly used for electronically fired and highly scripted displays. Most 1.4 Pro follows the same grams as normal 1.4g product you see in the stores all around the country. The difference is it is engineered and manufactured to be fired electronically and is designed with choreography in mind. This product is all equipped with electric match (EMT) ports and also visco fuse that can be lit like most other fireworks. You will see within the line there are a ton of single effect Comets, Mines, and Multi-Shot Same Effect Cake Barrages. So, if this is what you are looking for to make your next display over the top. We have them at GB Fireworks.